[12:47] Cast member Priyanka Chopra speaks at a panel for the Disney-ABC television series 'Quantico'
Cast member Priyanka Chopra speaks at a panel for the Disney-ABC television series "Quantico" during the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California August 4, 2015. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

ABC’s new thriller “Quantico” begins with Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) emerging from rubble on the day of terrorist attack at the Grand Central Station in Manhattan. The plot keeps switching between the past and the present. She and her fellow trainees at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are later accused of masterminding the attack. [Spoiler alert]

“Quantico’s” first season has a dual storyline. The story begins with the new FBI recruits arriving at the Quantico training centre in Virginia. In a nine months leap, an unknown terrorist among the trainees has set off a massive attack against the U.S.

The FBI suspects Parrish is responsible for the terror attack and takes her in handcuffs, TV Line reported. They stall her for some time and get a live video feed of her apartment and find bomb-making equipment from her apartment. Also, Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) is pictured lying in a pool of blood in the premiere episode.

There are three bullets inside his body, while three bullets are missing from Parrish’s gun. She has to prove herself innocent and find the guilty before she gets nabbed by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Parrish gets into the transport van, which is intercepted by Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis). Shaw knows that Parrish is being framed and helps her escape. The director of Quantico also instructs her to investigate her classmates to find the real terrorist among them, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The young Indian-American agent also has a secret that she has hidden from all her classmates. She shot her father when he got drunk and was violent with her mother. After her father’s death, Parrish discovers that he was an undercover FBI agent. She later confesses to Liam O’Conner (Josh Hopkins), the deputy director of Quantico about her father.

This apart, Parrish lied to her mother about her destination. She tells her mother that she is going to the train station, whereas she is takes the flight. She then meets Booth, who also is heading to Quantico base, and is a fellow recruit, but Parrish is oblivious to this fact.

Within some time of meeting him, she has sex in a car with Booth. Later at the base, she even does not have any qualms of admitting her escapade with Booth in front of the new recruits.

There are many twists and turns in the new series that will definitely keep the audience on their toes. The pilot episode alone features suicide, domestic violence and a terrorist attack and the show progresses with break-neck speed.

“Quantico” airs at 10 p.m. Sunday on ABC.

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