ABC drama “Quantico” creator and executive producer Josh Safran has teased that Episode 5 of the thriller will be one of their “sexiest episodes yet.” The new FBI recruits will be seen in their civilian clothes, rather than their uniforms for a change. In fact Safran hinted that the newbies will all be dressed up, but to complete a new task.

“The trainees get a night off, but they don’t really get a night off, and that’s the twist of the story,” the executive producer said. Episode 5 of “Quantico” will bring out the psyches of all the characters and the viewers will get to know them better, Entertainment Weekly reported. Safran said that the new FBI trainees will think that they would get time alone, but then they would realize that they are not alone.

Talking about scoring a full season order by ABC, he said that when he got the call from the network, all the actors were readying for a table read of Episode 8. Safran said that it is only in rare cases that all the actors are together. He recounted how while till on the call, he ran into the room and gave everyone the good news.

“Quantico” got an order from ABC for a full season and hence this season will have 19 episodes, TV Line reported. The ABC thriller is next to only “Blindspot” to receive a full season order by the network, Variety reported. Safran told that he was happy that the stories will continue and added that there will be some crazy new twists ahead.

However, the show creator said that he believed from the very beginning that “Quantico” would be a full season show. He said that they all planned for the future episodes. “I think if you plan for 13, you’re hedging your bets and you’re not all in as a creative thinker,” Safran said. He added that all of the writers would agree to it.

He said that the task of writing the upcoming episodes of “Quantico” is not daunting, but exciting. Though, he said he could not go on vacation during Christmas, he could just relax instead of being on the edge.

“Quantico” airs at 10 p.m. Sunday on ABC in the U.S.

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