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A police officer in Queensland has been killed by an as-yet unnamed gunman. IBT Australia

A gunman is believed to have shot dead a police officer after he opened fire when he was pulled over in a car in Queensland on Monday afternoon. The cop was reportedly ambushed in Lockyer Valley in Brisbane.

According to initial information, the police were responded to calls regarding the man, a known offender. A veteran policeman had then been in pursuit of a “person of interest” who pulled off a main road and fled into the bush. The cop chased him on foot. However, the man was allegedly “lying in wait” until he could shoot the cop.

He also reportedly fired shots at a police helicopter that was sent to the scene. A resident and witness told the Courier Mail that the man ran on to a farm and into a container soon after killing the officer.

Police are now hunting the alleged killer, who is also believed to be wanted on a number of other charges. An emergency situation under the Public Safety Preservation Act was been declared following the incident at 3:40 p.m.

“An armed man remains outstanding and specialist police are responding,” a statement from the Queensland Police reads. “Members of the public and the media are being advised to avoid the area. Local residents are being advised to remain inside.”

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