Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Hiroshi Kawano
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Hiroshi Kawano speaks during a news conference in Tokyo September 9, 2013. Reuters/Toru Hanai

After the reveal of the PS4 hardware, Sony’s focus turned to games. However, last year, the company also revealed a virtual reality angle with the Project Morpheus. Since then, the most that fans have heard is that, compared to biggest rival Oculus Rift, Sony’s version was more polished so far.

At the coming GDC 2015, details about the Project Morpheus may arrive. Gamepur reports that there will be a developer session with the SCE senior staff engineer Chris Norden, senior producer Nicolas Ducet and senior game designer Jed Ashforth. The panel will be delving deeper into the experiences that the PlayStation’s virtual reality device. Here’s to hoping that the panel will give the working name and upcoming plans for the Project Morpheus, whether in entertainment or gaming possibilities.

Talking about games on the PS4, there are two new additions to strengthen the list of titles on Sony’s next-gen console. The first has been official announced via the PlayStation Blog. The action-adventure game “Badland” will come to the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita as a Game of the Year Edition.

Mobile gamers are familiar with this title, as it was first released on the tablet two years ago and bagged a couple of awards. The graphically artistic and colour-themed world is now set to play out its dream-like gameplay on the three PlayStation consoles this spring.

“Badland” involves a physics-based gameplay that transports you to a creative scenery. Players will take the wheel through flying Clony, who will go through traps, puzzles and some visually stimulating worlds. Modifications for the game included tailoring the controls to the analog stick and triggers from the original touchscreen, so no worries about how you move through the world.

Since it’s a Game of the Year Edition, players can expect more content. This will include a 15-hour run-through of 100 single-player levels, 100 co-op and 27 multiplayer deathmatch levels. There’s even a local multiplayer mode that lets you match up with three of your friends.

“Badland: Game of the Year Edition” features both cross-save and cross-buy, so you can continue playthrough on your choice of PlayStation console. The price and actual release date are yet to be announced.

Another tittle that has been teased this time as an exclusive for the PS4 is a new project from Square Enix. Codenamed Project Code Z, the title is still in its teaser mode with a reveal date set on Jan. 31. DualShockers reports that there are still no clues as to what this project will be. The only possible clue was a tweet that may have described the nature of the game.

“It was cold outside and so was my mind,” said the tweet from the official Project Code Z account as quoted b DualShockers.

Some fans have speculated and wished that the project to not be another zombie title. It’s an easy assumption, with the “Z” tagged at the end and so many titles following the same pattern: DayZ and H1Z1, to name a few. There’s still a day of waiting, so time for fans to cross their fingers and hope for the best on the new PS4 exclusive.

Square Enix's Project Code Z (Credit: YouTube/IGN)

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