A visitors plays games on PlayStation 4 (PS4) at the Paris Games Week, a trade fair for video games in Paris, France, October 29, 2016. Reuters/Charles Platiau

PlayStation 4 Pro developers are working relentlessly towards bringing new games to the platform. They have opened up about the challenges they are facing with 4K and the have also talked about the expected Xbox One Scorpio performance boost. PS4 Pro is still being fine-tuned as the studio is currently working on patches as debates and discussions on 4K rendering and quality reaches pitch note.

According to, Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio that will be released in 2017 may take a while to reach its maximum potential. Developers there too are fine-tuning the new specs and graphical output. Meanwhile, Sony has increased the bandwidth of the PS4 Pro but has kept the RAM same as the original PS4. When games are running at 4K, bandwidth is definitely an issue though Sony must have analysed the trade-off before taking a decision.

Sony is also looking into bringing more GPU power in its PlayStation 4 Pro console as that is necessary for running games at 30fps or higher in 4K, Dave Mervik from Tarsier Studios told GamingBolt. PS4 Pro is the first big push from Sony towards 4K gaming though in 2017 Xbox Scorpio could become the only console to push the medium towards native 4K in AAA modern games.

However, as already stated, the Xbox Scorpio will take time reaching its full potential. Early adopters of the console could be disappointed despite enhancements in specs because the graphics boost may not be great as fans expect.

“Initially, we’ll probably see less of a boost than we’d hope for, but there are ways to improve the games for Scorpio without sacrificing the experience of the game on Xbox One. With time, developers usually find a way to get the most out of the consoles in one way or another,” Mervik explained.

With PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio, players will see some awesome games running at a high frame rate at 4K.