Dead Star
"Dead Star" is one of the PS4 games coming in April for the PS Plus April 2016 lineup. Dead Star Game website

It is not unusual to see leaks of expected lineup of free games offered for PS Plus members. However, usually leaks and confirmations happen towards the end of the certain month, building the hype to when Sony finally confirms the free games.

Even with more than two weeks left in March, Sony has already confirmed one title coming to the PS4 via the PS Plus April 2016 free games. Speaking with GameSpot, Sony has clarified a previous rumour, where it a leaked PSN notification was seen circulating online.

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According to the report, it mentions “Dead Star,” a shooter title from Armature Studio. The notification is for a preorder refund of “Dead Star.” It goes on to announce that “Dead Star” will be released as a free game as part of the PS Plus April 2016 lineup. Interestingly, even with the refund given for the preorder, the preorder bonus theme for the game remained with the player.

After reaching out to Sony, the source got confirmation from a PlayStation rep that “Dead Star” is one of the titles coming for the PlayStation Plus April 2016 lineup. More announcements have been promised later this March. Considering how early on in the month confirmations can be made, it seems that Sony is more prepared for launching its April PS Plus lineup compared to previous months.

“Dead Star” was supposed to launch on the PS4 come April 5. Following Sony’s confirmation, it appears that the company is going the similar route to what it did with “Rocket League” way back in July last year.

Additionally, Sony has let out another tease for its upcoming PS4 3.50 update. Features of the Musashi update had already been detailed before, but as Sony had hinted, there are more being revealed as the update continues to be on beta mode. PlayStation Lifestyle spotted a tweet that shows a screenshot of the notifications screen for the PS4. As seen in the image in the link above, there is an unmentioned option to turn off the screenshot icon. The only thing that remains, according to the Twitter user SoK, was the audio alert, though this, too, can be switched off via Settings.

This appears to be an official feature that has a big chance of coming with the PS4 3.50 system software update. Some fans have been playing around with ideas of what else can be included, and one fan received a response from Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida and Toshimasa Aoki.

Twitter user @LocutussBorg mentioned a new game option “Saved Data” for the PS4. Both Yoshida and Aoki agreed that it was a good idea as an additional feature. Whether or not this feature actually makes it to the next update remains to be seen.

"Dead Star" game trailer (Credit: YouTube/Dead Star Game)