Students on campuses around the world have responded to the ongoing crisis in Gaza
Students on campuses around the world have responded to the ongoing crisis in Gaza AFP

Police began investigation and increased security after pro-Palestinian students, camping at the CBD campus at the University of Adelaide, were targeted again on Wednesday with fireworks.

The incident happened after 11pm on Wednesday night. No one was injured in the attack. The encampment had come under a similar attack on Monday night as well.

SA Police said it is investigating the incident, but it did not give further details. No-one has claimed responsibility for the attack, ABC News reported.

The Students for Palestine group running the encampment said these attacks will not scare them away and insisted that they will continue their protest till their demands are met.

Though the incident shocked the student protestors, they called it a "cowardly tactic."

Speaking about Monday's night's attack, Tom Gilchrist, an organizer of the Students for Palestine group, said, "I was just inside the building, saw a flash of light, heard a bang of sound, and ran out to find scorch marks on tents. "It was obviously pretty disturbing, but once we realized what was happening [and] everyone was safe, we thought this is a cowardly tactic."

According to report, a similar attack was staged on Monday night when two makeshift firecrackers were thrown at the protest camps on the university's Maths Lawns. Students for Palestine member Bree Symonds said the attack was meant to intimidate the protestors. "It was in the middle of our camps, it actually melted and damaged a couple of nearby tents. We were lucky that no one was inside," Symonds said.

Pro-Palestinian protestors have been camping at several universities across Australia in the past few days, demanding that the universities across the country snap links with Israel and weapon companies and call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza.