Britain's Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank
Britain's Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank pose in the Picture Gallery after they announced their engagement, at Buckingham Palace, London January 22, 2018. Reuters/Jonathan Brady/Pool

Princess Eugenie’s wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t be as lavish as the gift Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received on their wedding day. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex apparently got properties from Her Majesty, but Eugenie and fiancé Jack Brooksbank reportedly wouldn’t be so lucky.

Her Majesty allegedly gifted Harry and Meghan the York Cottage when the couple got married in May. She also gave Prince William and Kate Middleton an equally grand present of Anmer Hall in Sandringham. And for her eldest son, she gave him and his first wife Diana, Princess of Wales, the Birkhall residence in Scotland.

York Cottage, Sandringham Estate
York Cottage, Sandringham Estate PJMarriott, Creative Commons
Anmer Hall near Sandringham in Norfolk
Anmer Hall near Sandringham in Norfolk Richard Humphrey, Creative Commons
Birkhall, Royal residence
Birkhall, Royal residence Alan Findlay, Creative Commons

Even Eugenie’s parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, were gifted a property, the Sunninghill house in Berkshire.

Sunninghill house, Berkshire, UK from the garden
Sunninghill house, Berkshire, UK from the garden Dee Earley, Wikimedia Commons

Being the Queen’s granddaughter, Eugenie is assumed to receive a property when she weds Jack on Friday. But according to Marie Claire, that’s not going to happen.

Queen Elizabeth may give Eugenie and Jack an extravagant gift, but nothing as grand as the mansions she had given the others, experts have said.

“The past two major Royal Weddings we saw were for Princes William and Harry, one who will be the further king and his brother. They are and will be full-time working royals for the rest of their lives. One of the perks of this is Her Majesty can justify the lavish properties she has gifted them in return for their duty to the crown,” Jamie Samhan, deputy editor at Royal Central, explained to the magazine.

“Unfortunately for Princess Eugenie who marries Jack Brooksbank this Friday, she is not working royal despite the tries from her father Prince Andrew to promote both his daughters to the roll. This also means that The Queen will likely not gift a glamorous to Eugenie and Jack. There are, however, smaller properties that could fit nicely for the newlyweds!”

Eloise Parker, a royal commentator, agreed. She told Marie Claire that it would be unlikely that Eugenie and Jack would receive something as extravagant as a property and a Dukedom title because those are usually reserved to be given to full-time senior working royals.

“Eugenie has a successful career in the art world, outside of the royal family and doesn’t fall into this category,” she said.

When Zara Tindall — Eugenie and Harry’s cousin and the daughter of Princess Anne — married Mike Tindall in 2011, she didn’t receive a property as well. Instead, the Queen allegedly gave her a £40,000 (AU$74,520) gift by closing Holyroodhouse for five days for her wedding. The admission from tourists that the Scotland residence would have earned was £40,000 if it were open during those days. So instead, the Queen paid for it from her own pockets, according to The Sun.

While Zara doesn’t have a royal title and Eugenie does, Eugenie could look to her older cousin for how much their grandmother would give her.