Princes Charles and William Appeal for Saving Wildlife in Anti-Poaching Video

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Prince Charles and his son Prince William sat beside each other and delivered a message looking right into the eyes of the viewer. The way they delivered the message showed the sincerity in their appeal. That is merely because both princes are known for their love and support for the endangered wildlife all over the world.

Charles, along with William, launched an anti-poaching campaign with the video. He mentioned that the number of wild animals being regularly killed was "staggering." About 100 elephants are slaughtered every day. A rhinoceros is killed every 11 hours. Wild tigers, which were around 100,000 in number about 100 years back, are only left to an approximate number of 3,200.

Charles also said in the video that the demand for "dead" animals is "insatiable." Many people who demand the animals to be illegally killed for their selfish purpose come from Asia. Their demand is what keeps the trade running. More animals are killed. In addition, there are additional killings which are related to the illegal poaching, BBC reported.

Apparently, the support for the wildlife runs in the royal family. Prince Philip, the father of Charles, was one among the original founders of the World Wildlife Fund which is now called the World Wide Fund for Nature. About 50 years back, Philip travelled the world to make people more aware of the natural world and its needs. William, on the other hand, argue that that wildlife happens to be a politically safe topic for the royal family to support.

 However, even though Philip's intentions might well have been doubted, there is hardly anyone who doubts the genuineness of the intention of Charles and William. Both of them are apparently quite sincere in their effort.

The video appeal strengthens the effort even more as Charles explained how humanity is not complete without the rest of nature's creation.


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