Jack Whitehall had fans of Prince Harry in frenzy on Twitter recently after he teased that the royal is on the dating app Tinder. The comedian hosted the “Royal Variety Performance” held at the Albert Hall in London on Nov. 13, where the Prince of Wales took the brunt of his stage jokes.

Fans of Prince Harry took to Twitter to question if he is indeed on Tinder. Users started wondering if the bachelor royal could be using the dating app to find love.

Whitehall suggested Prince Harry was on Tinder while joking about his love life on stage at the annual music event. According to Mirror UK, at first he talked about how Australian singer Kylie Minogue and Ricky Martin had confessed to having a crush on him backstage. He, then, suggested that Prince Harry log in to his Tinder account to check a possible match with any of the Little Mix girls.

Whitehall’s statements were clearly made in jest as part of his hosting performance. Prince Harry was reportedly also seen giggling at the comedian’s attempts at matchmaking. However, TV viewers weren’t exactly certain if Whitehall was indeed just joking about the Prince of Wales being on Tinder.

Prince Harry took the brunt of his jokes that night, according to The Sun. Even with his opening line, he had introduced the prince as his “hero.” The 31-year old simply blushed at the acknowledgement and Whitehall further joked about his reaction on stage.

“I think that’s the first time the Royal box has ever been wolf-whistled. I don’t reckon there was a single person in this country that wouldn’t like you to be put in charge just for a week,” Whitehall said according to The Sun.

Prince Harry continued to be a good sport and laughed along with his jokes. Whitehall in turn was refused a handshake from the prince when the performers lined up to greet him after the event.

The video below shows Prince Harry greeting some of the participants and guests at the Royal Variety Performance, including Sir Elton John. Whitehall, who was standing next to the singer, was snubbed by the prince. The comedian lets out a laugh as the prince starts to walk away. However, Prince Harry was only joking and he turns back around to shake Whitehall’s hand.

Source: YouTube/ live life

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