Britain's Prince Andrew During The 10th Anniversary Of Harrow International School Beijing
Britain's Prince Andrew speaks at the 10th anniversary of Harrow International School Beijing, October 24, 2014. Reuters/China Daily

Prince Andrew has cut short his vacation and rushed back to London amid the sex with an underage girls scandal. According to recent reports, Prince Andrew is expected to have a private session with the Queen regarding the allegations raised by a self-proclaimed sex slave.

Growing furore over the claims of a 30-year-old American woman named Virginia Roberts has reportedly shook the Royal palace which has issued multiple denial statements. Daily Mirror has reported that Duke of York had to cut short his vacation at a luxurious £22,000-a-week Swiss ski chalet and has returned back to London. When the news broke about the confessions of a woman of being a sex slave of Prince Andrew's close friend Jeffrey Epstein, he was reportedly unmoved and carried on with his usual vacation plans.

However, as more details emerged about the life story of the self-proclaimed sex slave including her claims that Prince Andrew too had sexual intercourse with her multiple times when she was still in her teens, Duke shorten his vacation and rushed back to reportedly to consult senior aides and lawyers. Buckingham Palace has released flurry of denials over the issue, maintaining that Prince Andrew is nowhere involved and never had any form of sexual contact with Roberts.

"It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation," says the statement released by the royal palace. The name of the accuser is not disclosed in the court proceedings but was widely used by the British media and tabloids.

Meanwhile, father of Roberts has raised another angle in the sex scandal. According to reports from Telegraph, Roberts was also allaegedly introduced to Queen on one of her London visit. Robert's father is claiming that she had met the Queen and was reportedly quite excited by the meeting. Buckingham Palace has categorically denied the fresh claims. "There is nothing to suggest that this claim is true. We have no record of such a meeting," says the official statement by Buckingham palace.

In a civil motion filed last week in the U.S., a woman has claimed that she was kept as a sex slave by Epstein for four years while she was still in her teens. She was often used to pimp out to several important people like wealthy businessmen, prominent world leader including Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew could face a police investigation if a formal complaint is made against him to Scotland Yard.