A still from Starz TV series "Power." Starz/ Facebook

James (Omari Hardwick), Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Kanan (50 Cent), three gangsters who once worked together, are back to fight common enemies in “Power” season 5. In a video released online, executive producer Courtney A. Kemp spoke about the defining moments in season 4, and how they impact the story going forward. The following article contains spoilers from the episodes that have already aired.

The finale of season 4 was all about revenge and a sense of closure for the murder of Raina (Donshea Hopkins). It was important for Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) to pull the trigger to ease his conscience a little. Tommy, James and even Tasha (Naturi Naughton) converged in this scene. It was Kana who put the clues together and pointed his former friends in the right direction.

“The bringing together of everyone over Ray Ray’s body was something that we really wanted,” Kemp said in the video (see below). The scene was important as it answers all of Tariq’s questions about the criminal side of the family. It also lets him see how his family members work as a team.

“No one in that family’s ever going to be the same. No one,” Kemp said.

Apart from the revenge, the episode also set the plot for next season. The betrayal of Dre (Rotimi) stands exposed, and everyone will now focus on bringing him down.

Kemp feels that Dre deserves everything that’s coming to him. The plot next year will focus on the question: will he be able to get out of this mess?

Kemp teased that “Power” season 5 will be about the relationship between Kanan, Tommy and Ghost. The one thing uniting the three characters is their hatred of Dre. The three brothers against Dre will be the main focus of the plot when the show returns sometime in 2018.

Credit: Power/ Facebook