A picture of 50 Cent as Kanan in the STarz TV series "Power' Power/ Facebook

There will be some trouble for Tasha (Naturi Naughton) in “Power” season 5 episode 3. A preview video of the next episode shows her channelling all her anger towards Kanan (50 Cent), and that will have consequences. Meanwhile, the fight against Dre (Rotimi) continues.

A preview video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows Tasha arguing with James (Omari Hardwick). According to the plot synopsis the two will disagree on how to grieve. While James is busy trying to kill Dre, Tasha wants him to consider killing Kanan the next time.

Tasha blames Kanan for everything that has happened. He was the one who introduced Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) to some bad company that eventually led to the murder of Raina (Donshea Hopkins). Kanan continues to be involved with James, which has Tasha worried. Tasha can be seen telling her husband that if he doesn’t do something about Kanan, she will.

Kanan will pay a visit to Tasha in the next episode, and that may not be good for her. Meanwhile, Tasha has more important things to worry about. She wants to send her son off somewhere far to get away from all these troubles, but the officer investigating Ray Ray’s (Marcus Callender) death is coming pretty close to connecting all the dots, and that has Angela (Lela Loren) worried.

Angela will meet with Tasha in the next episode to explain the situation, and she will also consider involving James. Tasha is against letting her husband know what’s happening because she believes that it will only make things worse.

Meanwhile, Kanan will continue to watch Dre, and according to the plot synopsis he may make a move. Things are not looking good for Ghost’s enemies because Angela will continue to pursue the Jimenez Cartel, and she seems to be succeeding even without the full cooperation of her team.