Gameplay information for the highly anticipated “Mass Effect Andromeda” has supposedly been leaked to a number of people, causing fans everywhere to get excited about the possible changes and new additions to the game. While neither Bioware nor EA Games have confirmed the leak being legitimate, it will be interesting to see if the finished game will have any of these features.

One of the possible new gameplay features that were supposedly leaked is the ability for the player and his or her companions to explore the areas with jet packs. If true, this make exploring more interesting, since previous games limited the characters to walking and using vehicles that didn’t control too well.

Cover-based shooting has also been a major part of the franchise, but it looks like “Andromeda” will force players to be more strategic when playing defense. According to Tech Times, cover can now be destroyed if it takes too much damage from the enemy. Should this be true, it could add a layer of strategy and tension to the game.

An article from Gamepur reports that the game might introduce the ability to explore the game’s galaxy with a spaceship, which is expected to be very different from the previous game’s Normany ship. Players will be able to traverse the galaxy manually in a first-person perspective or fast travel if they’re not up to it.

Players will reportedly have a moniker called “Pathfinder,” as the protagonist’s role in “Andromeda” is to find a new home for humanity. It doesn’t seem like the previous game’s lead Shepard will be returning to the game, given how “Mass Effect 3” ended, but it looks like players will still be humanity’s last hope.

Whether any of the information is true is anyone’s guess, though being able to use jetpacks and travel through space with a new ship sound like interesting ideas. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement to see if these leaks are true.

“Mass Effect Andromeda” will be the fourth game in the critically acclaimed series by Bioware. It will be set sometime after the events of “Mass Effect 3” and will introduce new characters and threats to the series.

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