After being incredibly successful all over Asia for the past few years, “Blade and Soul” will finally come to North America and Europe next year. Developer NCSoft revealed that the popular massive multiplayer online game (MMO) would be coming to Western gamers on Jan. 19 and will be available in English, French and German.

What separates “Blade and Soul” from the competition is the title’s focus on martial arts. Most of the game’s mythology focuses on the various fighting styles, and the seven character classes are all unique in their own way. For example, the Destroyer class mostly focuses on power moves, while the Blade Dancer relies on quick attacks.

The official site has also revealed a special founder’s pack for those who want an early advantage in the game. These founder’s packs will be sold until Jan. 15, which will be the early access date of the game to those who purchase said packs.

IGN has confirmed that those who purchase the higher and more expensive founder’s packs – Disciple and Master, respectively – will be able to register early for the game. Name reservation will begin on Jan. 11, with more detailed instructions to be announced in the near future.

When the MMO comes out early next year, players will be able to max their levels until 45. They will also have access to a one-on-one player versus player (PVP) arena and two new dungeons that weren’t in the beta test a few months back.

NCSoft also stated that the game would be regularly updated with patches, some of which are already planned and being made. The developers will also announce plans on new content very soon, so players have a lot of playtime to look forward to.

Despite not having a Western presence until recently, “Blade and Soul” has proven to be an incredibly popular MMO in other parts of the world. The game is still being played in other parts of Asia, proving that the MMO has plenty of replay value. Fans will be able to learn martial arts and take on legendary beasts early next year.

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Blade and Soul - Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)