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“Yo-Kai Watch” is finally coming to North America next month. The first game in the popular series by Level 5 will be coming to the 3DS on Nov. 6, and Nintendo will be releasing a demo to give fans a taste of what’s to come. However, there was a mistake -- minor, but it left many fans disappointed.

According to Nintendo Life, the demo was originally solicited for Oct. 13, which caused many fans to get excited about trying the “Pokemon” rival out. However, the popular gaming company somehow made a mistake on Twitter and later updated its tweet with the correct release date of the demo: Oct. 22.

While fans only have to wait a week for it to come out, it disappointed many a fan that were looking forward to playing the game. Many fans sent tweets with humorous pictures of heartbreak and disappointment, as they were hoping to play the demo right away.

The contents of the demo haven’t been fully unveiled, but at this point, fans just want to see how the game plays. After all, this title has been able to challenge “Pokemon” in Japan and it will be interesting to see if the title packs the same punch in the West.

Game Informer states that “Yo-Kai Watch” has players finding and collecting spirits around the peaceful town of Springdale. Once players befriend a friendly Yo-Kai they can summon them into battle to take on evil Yo-Kai spirits.

This is an interesting mix between “Pokemon” and the popular “Persona” series from Atlus, as it deals with ghost hunting and mysteries. Obviously, the title will be much lighter than “Persona,” especially since there’s a children’s anime based on it, but the slight mature edge and use of ghosts does make it unique and not just a “Pokemon” clone.

The first “Yo-Kai Watch” game comes to North America next month and will arrive in Europe sometime in 2016. The West is actually a bit behind the curve compared to Japan, where two more “Yo-Kai Watch” games have already been released. Not to mention the numerous spinoff titles that has been made for the series.

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Nintendo 3DS - YO-KAI WATCH E3 2015 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)