A picture of Aidan Turner as Ross [left] and Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza [right] from the TV series "Poldark." Facebook/ Poldark

“Poldark” TV series executive producer and writer Debbie Horsfield recently answered a few fan questions online. The questions ranged from funny additions to the show to serious ones like picking the most difficult scene to adapt from the books. Meanwhile, a new promotional video has been released online. It focuses on the newly added brothers Carne.

Fans were asked to post questions online, and responses have been posted on the official Twitter page of the series. The cast and crew are currently filming season 4, but questions were about the TV series in general. No details about the production were shared.

The first question was about who the producers had as a backup in case lead actor Aidan Turner (Ross) was not cast. Horsfield said there was no second choice, and they didn’t have a plan B. Another question involves the scenario of adding supernatual elements in the show. The writer joked that she would like to give Ross a lightsaber.

When asked about the modern technology she would add on the show, Horsfield said Demelza’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) kitchen could use a Nutribullet.

Horsefield loves all the adaptations so far, except “Warleggan” and “The Angry Tide.” The writer named these two books as they were apparently “brilliantly challenging to adapt.” When asked to choose the hardest scene, she said that anything to do with a shipwreck or a mine disaster were always hard to film.

Meanwhile, a new video about the brothers Carne has been released online (see below). Cast member Harry Richardson (Drake) teased some details about the storyline of his character, and what his meeting with Morwenna (Elise Chappell) means on the show. Season 3 is currently airing in the US.

Credit: Masterpiece PBS/ YouTube