Aidan Turner as Ross in BBC TV series "Poldark." Facebook/ Poldark

While many fans have already seen “Poldark” season 3, the people in the US are yet to watch it. New promo videos have been released online, and one of them shows lead cast member Aidan Turner answering questions like whether Ross can sing.

Would Ross prefer to be stranded alone on an island, or would he prefer the company of George (Jack Farthing)? In the video (see below), Turner said that both his character and rival George are smart men who would rather be together on the island.

The question made the actor think how the two would actually react in such situation, and suggested that this would be something interesting to explore in season 5. The actor pointed out that facing hardship together may exactly be what the two need.

Turner was later asked if Ross could sing. The actor confessed that he himself is not a good singer, and added that the difference between him and his character is that Ross doesn’t know he can’t sing.

The last question in the video is whether Ross would rather always lose or never play. Turner said his character’s temperament is that of a player, so he would prefer to play knowing the outcome. Turner, on the other hand, would much rather do something else with his time.

Another video released online shows Josh Whitehouse (Hugh Armitage) promoting the TV series. Season 3 is set to air on Oct. 1 in the US, and the actor asked fans to watch.

As US viewers catch up, the cast and crew of “Poldark” have already begun filming for season 4. Many pictures from the production set have leaked online, and all main cast members have been spotted on the set in their respective costumes.

Credit: Official Poldark/ Twitter

Credit: Masterpiece I PBS/ Facebook