A poster of BBC TV series "Poldark." Poldark/ Facebook

Filming of “Poldark” season 4 was recently disrupted, a leaked video from the production set shows. The cast and crew were filming in Charlestown when the rains forced them to take a break. Aidan Turner’s (Ross) stunt double was also spotted on the set filming a scene.

A leaked video, which was shot on set, has been posted on YouTube. The video shows some of the extras huddled under a pitched tent, waiting for the rain to stop. All the actors are dressed in their respective costumes, and the set pieces create the right atmosphere for the scene. Apart from the actors, the horses were also covered up.

Among the leading cast members, only Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) can be seen in the video. The actress is waiting under an umbrella, while her fellow cast member gets help from the crew to fix her hair.

Meanwhile, a few pictures posted on Daily Mail show a stunt double for Turner going for a swim. It appears that Ross fans will see their favourite actor shirtless again as the character goes for a swim. The water is said to have been cold, and the stuntman was wrapped in a big coat as soon as he swam back to the shore.

Another set of leaked pictures, this time posted on Express, show Ross kissing a baby’s head. The scene apparently involved Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) holding the baby in his arms, and later handing it to his friend.

The plot of “Poldark” season 4 will focus on Ross’ political career as he runs for parliament. There may be a lot of interaction with babies for the charismatic miner, as he campaigns to win against George Warleggan (Jack Farthing).