Pokemon Sun and Moon
The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Official Pokemon Channel YouTube

“Pokemon Go” may be taking players by storm, but that’s not the only game in the franchise that is under the watchful eyes of fans.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” is one of the major titles expected sometime later this year. The Pokemon Company has finally release a new trailer, which introduces six more Pokemon into the mix.

The six new Pokemon additions include the following:

  • Wimpod, a Bug/Water Pokemon with the Wimp Out ability
  • Bounsweet, a Grass Pokemon with the Leaf Guard/Oblivious ability
  • Comfey, a Fairy Pokemon with a Flower Veil/Triage ability
  • Mudsdale, a Ground Pokemon with Own Tempo/Stamina ability
  • Mimikyu, a Ghosst/Fairy Pokemon with the Disguise ability
  • Bewear, a Normal/Fighting Pokemon with the Fluffy/Klutz ability.

This time, the range of the new Pokemon is very diverse. Some mimic recognisable animals like Mudsdale and Bewear, which look like a horse and a bear respectively. However, there are creatures that seem to have come off as a more irregular design, such as Comfey and Wimpod, the latter of which was pointed out by fans to mimic a lei or a flower necklace. Mimikyu is an even more standout design, from the scribbled face to its very intriguing ability.

The new trailer also showed off a few of the features coming to “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” Players can host their own competitions via the Pokemon Global Link. Footage of how that will play out can also be seen below, with the new Pokemon getting ready to fight in a four-way battle.

There’s also a Hyper Training feature that is said to strengthen players’ Pokemon. According to Gamingbolt, the final feature will let players power-up their Pokemon even though they may have hit the Level 100 cap.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be released on Nov. 18 in North America and Japan and Nov. 23 in Europe.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" new trailer (Credit: YouTube/Official Pokemon Channel)