"Minecraft Windows 10 Edition" and "MInecraft Pocket Edition" will get a new update with bug fixes. Mojang

“Minecraft” players can look forward to new updates to two of its titles. The first is via the “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition” and the “Minecraft Pocket Edition,” both of which will get the 0.15.3 update.

Over at the official Mojang blog, the update focuses more on fixes and tweaks rather than delivering ne content. Expect tweaks related to better moving of blocks, Realms purchase functions, mouse controls, screen layout scales and invite screen text alignment.

The list of bug fixes is longer. Some major ones include the ability to scroll through the list of friends in the Add Realm via controller, fixed zombie pigment spawn, fixes for the invisible issues for glass and leaf blocks and fixes for fall damage for horses.

Additionally, those who are still enjoying “Minecraft: Story Mode” can now look forward to the seventh episode in the series.

With Jesse and the gang now through the Portal Hallway, they are about to encounter different kinds of encounters. The next installment of “Minecraft: Story Mode” from Telltale Games is titled “Access Denied.”

According to the official YouTube channel, which features the trailer, the current world that the heroes are in is controlled by PAMA, a thinking machine that aims for a dictator-style ruling towards efficiency. The developer teases that players will have to work with a new ally to defeat the corrupt dictator and become the heroes who will free the population under it.

Access Denied will be available on July 26. Season Pass holders will get it as part of the US$14.99 (approx. AU$20), which includes three extra DLCs. For those who prefer an individual purchase can get Episode 7 for US$4.99 (AU$7). Of course, it goes without saying that players should already have a copy of Episode 1 to access and play the rest of the succeeding chapters.

"Minecraft: Story Mode" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Telltale Games)