Pokemon Sun and Moon
"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will have a day/night cycle, new 'mons and new features. The Pokemon Company

Many ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon” players may not be aware of the fact that Palossand can never be caught in the wild. They need to evolve their Sandygast up to level 42 to get Palossand. It’s a time-taking task as the players also need to keep in mind Sandygast’s happiness so that it evolves successfully.

Happiness of Pokemon in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” can be maximised in a variety of ways though players need to spend PokeMoney to do so. But the question is - where to find Sandygast? The good thing is that Sandygasts are not that hard to find. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players need to be in Akala Island’s Hano Beach.

Chances of encountering Sandygast are almost certain so players need to make sure they are ready when the Pokemon appears. Players need a lot of PokeBalls and also need to use the False Swipe move to make it vulnerable once it appears. This is the best possible way to catch Sandygast in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” Sandygast and Palossand are among the newer Pokemon in the game.

The Pokemon resembles a sandcastle and can prove to be dangerous someone accidentally steps on it. It can manipulate others to add more sand to it. This only makes it stronger and bigger. The Pokemon can suck vitality out of other Pokemon though its unique feature is the Water Compaction ability. This ability is exclusive to its kind, writes iTech Post.

This special ability increases Sandygast’s defence against any Water-type move in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” This is the reason players, who are aware of the Pokemon, want it in their inventory.

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