The Pokemon franchise is enjoying its 20th year anniversary in style. It seems that well-known Pokemon are seeing themselves in different Nintendo franchises in light of the celebration.

“Super Mario Maker” players can now see three new costumes for the building Mario game. The Verge has spotted a new trailer, seen below, which show off the three starters from the first batch of Pokemon games. These are Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

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While they are unlockable for free, players will need to go through the new Pokemon-themed course in “Super Mario Maker.” It’s a prerequisite to clear the course by choosing the different Pokemon costumes to unlock all three. The demo shows off all of the costumes used in the game. The costume changes every time the player accesses the mushrooms.

This is a nice homage to the “Pokemon Red and Blue,” which is known as the first game released for the line. It’s also a great and free way to get playable Pokemon characters in the 2D sidescroller.

If that’s not enough, “Splatoon” fans can also enjoy some Pokemon fun at the next Splatfest. Nintendo has also announced via the Splataoon site that players can now place their bets on their favourite game, either “Pokemon Blue” or “Pokemon Red” at the Inkopolis Plaza.

Splatfest will run from Feb. 9 to 20 all over the world. However, players should note that players will still be matched from those who are also in their region, and the tallies of the results will happen per region.

For North America users, the Splatfest battle will be between “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Blue.” This is interesting because, in Japan, the games released were “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Green.”

A week after the Splatfest, players can look forward to the release of “Pokemon Red and Blue” as well as “Pokemon Yellow” on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. This is one of the peaks of the 20th year celebration for the Pokemon franchise.

Starters of original "Pokemon" in "Super Mario Maker" (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)