Pokemon GO
Dennis Hwang, art director of Niantic Inc, speaks during a news conference in Seoul, South Korea, January 24, 2017. Reuters/Seo Myeong-gon/Yonhap

Cheating in “Pokemon GO” is set to become a shameful affair. Things can get pretty embarrassing if players resort to unfair means to obtain Pokemon.

Niantic has stated that it will start labeling Pokemon obtained through unfair means with "May Not Behave As Expected." The developer revealed this tough measure on The Silph Road sub-reddit. As has always been the case, Niantic is true to its commitments of making the game a “fair” experience for all. Apart from branding the Pokemon, they will also be marked with a slash in the inventory.

It is, however, still unknown how these Pokemon will behave. The step will deter numerous Trainers to resort to third-party apps or services. These apps and services are a hit as they allow players to find Pokemon within the game.

Players who faked GPS locations to catch more and more Pocket Monsters have already been banned. Recently, the game has also started shadow banning and restricting certain important features in the game for cheaters. Users are being flagged for using tracker apps. They are only encountering “crappy” critters.

Branded monsters could be less submissive to their masters henceforth. It is possible that the only moves they will be able to perform are “Struggle” and “Splash.” This will surely spoil the gaming experience for the cheats.

Fans are eagerly waiting for fresh updates on this new ban method by Niantic. Details will fly in soon.

Meanwhile, the developer has introduced new features to the game, including Raid Battles. Players will be paired with other players to combat powerful Pokemon.

This is in addition to a new motivation system for gyms. Moreover, Niantic also included a number of in-game and live events to celebrate the game’s first year anniversary. As of Wednesday, new gyms have been dotting the landscape of the in-game map. The developer had closed down all gyms to prepare for such. Some players have even reported that they are able to raid passes. In Raid Battle, players will have five minutes to work with a maximum of 20 others to defeat common enemies, likely Rare Pokemon.

The latest updates have added more gyms to the map, and changes have also been made to how they work. According to The Washington Post, the gyms can now have teams of six unique Pokemon that will guard a control point. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on “Pokemon GO” and the changes being made to the game.