Pokemon GO
John Hanke, creator of Pokemon Go and Chief Executive Officer of Niantic watches a presentation during his keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2017. Reuters/Paul Hanna

Niantic is rolling out the scheduled “Pokemon GO” updates all at once. It is bringing the gyms back online as well as the raids. The latter was scheduled to be released in the coming weeks in select cities after the gym rework launched.

Players are confused but will have an idea what’s going on only after the game itself updates. Even though this has not happened yet, it may happen anytime.

Numerous old stops have been replaced by gyms as they can now be spun like PokeStops. This is actually very helpful for players as it will give them the opportunity to participate in raids and fortify gyms.

It is not yet clear if the raids are going live globally. Everyone is surprised as Niantic had laid out different plans. The patch has been datamined, and now it is known that Legendary Pokemon will spawn as raid bosses are defeated and captured. They will have their unique Eggs. However, Niantic is yet to confirm whether the Legendaries will go live after raids are introduced. Experts believe that it is unlikely as Niantic would like to test the system many times before doing something like that.

The company could just be putting the elements in the game but will activate them later. Niantic has also announced that “Fire and Ice” has been extended. Players were surprised to see the event continuing past the end time, reports Forbes. Meanwhile, the patch notes for the update currently rolling out on Android and iOS have been shared by Pokemon GO Live, and they are as follows:

  • The brand new motivation system has been added after updating the gym features significantly
  • Gym Badge feature has also been added
  • In-app and push notification system for Gyms have been added
  • Raid Battles have been added, which is a new co-operative gameplay experience
  • Four new items have been added but they will be available only after completing Raid Battles
  • Raid tab has been added to Nearby screen
  • Visual indicator has been added to unvisited PokeStops
  • Search functionality has been added to the Pokemon collection screen

Niantic has also confirmed that “Pokemon GO” is now in the process of being updated to version 1.37.1 for iOS devices and 0.67.1 for Android.