Pokemon Go Plus support is among the new features coming with the latest update. Niantic labs

Update: A new fan project and bug spotted with "Pokemon Go" update 0.37 and 1.7.

Niantic Labs has announced that the updates for “Pokemon Go” are already in the process of being put up so players can look forward to the update.

Dubbed as the Update 0.37 for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS devices, the new update will have more than just the Buddy Pokemon feature in tow. Detailed over the official “Pokemon Go” Facebook, Niantic Labs also revealed that there are some fixes rolled out to the game.

For instance, players will now have an easier time selecting smaller Pokemon spotted on the map. Also, egg hatching will also now always come with the animation, so players are notified when they are hatched.

Since the accessory device Pokemon Go Plus is also expected to roll out this month, Niantic Labs has also rolled out support for this feature. Topping off the update is the developer’s promise of improved performance reliability when the device switches networks. This will prevent the app from hanging or not being updated.

There is one interesting clause that the developer added in its announcement:

“We continue to focus on eliminating bots and scrapers from Pokemon Go. Rooted or jailbroken devices are not supported by Pokemon Go.”

While there are some new key features delivered in the “Pokemon Go” 0.37 update, there’s also a particular sighting involving Android Wearable tech this time.

Pokemon Go Hub managed to dive into the files of the latest update, and from the looks of things, Android Wear is not far behind when it comes to support for “Pokemon Go.” Previously, developer Niantic Labs has confirmed that it will be rolling out support for iOS wearables.

According to the new information, the support for Android Wear may actually be completed and ready for release, though the developer has not yet given official word. This support will be available by way of Bluetooth, which will then allow players to use their phones for other means or even keep it closed once they are playing on their watches.

Finally, the support may be available for a variety of Android Wear devices. Some of these devices may even work as paired with iOS.