Pokemon Go Plus support is among the new features coming with the latest update. Niantic labs

The “Pokemon GO” Plus device is out and users are standing in long queues to get themselves one. It does track distance for Buddies and Eggs with the game running in the background on the smartphone. A user can keep his/her smartphone locked if using the accessory. This reduces the smartphone’s battery consumption.

The “Pokemon GO” Plus starts buzzing when users near PokeStops. With the press of a button on the device, it catches the desired Pokemon by throwing PokeBalls. For each item the user receives, the device buzzes. In fact, the device buzzes more when a Pokemon is near. Players then have to carry out the familiar “1,2,3 shake.”

The “Pokemon GO” Plus flashes red or green depending on whether a player is able to catch a Pokemon or not. Players get only one shot to seal the deal. Many have criticised the device for having very low capture rates, reports Forbes.

Moreover, going Rare Pokemon hunting doesn’t mean anything to the device as it can neither throw Great or Ultra Balls nor Berries of Curveballs. Moreover, a player has no idea what he/she is catching unless the smartphone is unlocked.

Many users who have already used the “Pokemon GO” Plus are thoroughly disappointed are finding playing the game with the smartphone way too easy. However, hardcore “Pokemon GO” fans who are hell-bent in getting the device for $35, may find certain information helpful when they finally unpack the device.

As per iTech Post, the blue light depicts that a player is at a PokeStop and the green light is an indicator of a wild Pokemon nearby that is already registered to the player’s Podedex. If the red light flashes and vibrates a bunch of times, it means the “Pokemon GO” Plus device is ot connected to the smartphone anymore.

Red light flashing once means network connectivity is lost. Other red light flashes mean a player has failed to catch a Pokemon, a player’s “Pokemon GO” inventory is full, a player is out of PokeBalls or the item inventory is full.