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Niantic CEO John Hanke announces Pokemon Go will be released for Apple Watch, during a media event in San Francisco, California, U.S. September 7, 2016. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

Niantic introduced the “Pokemon GO Appraisal” feature to make it easier for players to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their Pokemon before sending them to battles. It’s the latest feature Niantic has introduced to its highly popular augmented reality game. The feature tells the odds or likelihood of a Pokemon winning a battle.

As per YIBADA, the “Pokemon GO Appraisal” system has brought back the old practice of taking the advice of team leaders at gyms. It is important for players to understand the assessments by team leaders. Else, all the effort goes in vain. However, the “Pokemon GO Appraise” is not very well explained and very difficult to find if a player doesn’t know where to look.

To use the “Pokemon GO Appraise” successfully, players should first update their game app to 1.5.0 (iOS)/0.35.0 (Android). They can open the menu where all captured Pokemon can be found. Tap the Pokemon to be appraised and then tap the circular menu button at the bottom of the screen. Three options would pop-up on the screen, Favourite, Appraise and Transfer.

Players must choose the “Appraise” option to make team leader Blanche, Candela or Spark pop-up at the bottom of the screen and analyse the Pokemon, writes BGR. “Pokemon GO” players need to tap on the screen a few times to read everything their respective team leader has to say.

They must pay special attention on the second dialogue box as it would be of importance later. Shortly after the update was rolled out by Niantic, some clever decoded the messages from team leaders and found out that they can be used to measure a Pokemon’s Individual Value (IV). “Pokemon GO” GamePress provides a detailed explanation of the messages.

Assessment by team leaders generally covers IVs, size of Pokemon and also top statistics. First-timers may find the process a bit confusing at the beginning. Gradually they will start getting the feel of it. However, Forbes finds the “Pokemon GO Appraisal” feature confusing, somewhat useful and relatively pointless.

Battles are still based on logistics and players must know how to manoeuvre themselves in the “Pokemon GO” game.

Watch “Pokemon GO Appraisal” explained here.

Source: YouTube/Pokemon Go - GamePress