News flash: Developing software and acquiring users is extremely difficult!

Even if you understand the challenges and have a robust marketing plan in place, you’re still likely to run into some issues along the way.

The biggest problem is the inability to reach your target audience. You know you have a powerful software solution to sell, but you’re unsure of how to get it in front of interested consumers.

This is where PitchGround is making major waves.

In short, PitchGround is a platform for exposing your software to a highly targeted audience. This gives you another avenue for reaching potential users, thus putting you in a position to achieve success from day one.

Here’s how the traditional method of exposure and customer acquisition typically works:

  • Spend time and money chasing after organic and paid traffic
  • Fight to secure enough paying customers to break even, thus allowing you to keep your doors open
  • Deal with the challenge of high churn and refunds
  • Test everything and repeat (all while wasting more time and money)

There’s nothing wrong with using traditional marketing and advertising tactics to reach your audience. In fact, this is necessary if you want to achieve the greatest success possible.

However, you don’t want to stop there. Here’s what the PitchGround method entails:

  • Offer your software to an interested audience of buyers and early adopters
  • Generate revenue immediately, without spending any money upfront
  • Gather feedback from your audience

Do you see the differences between the two methods? With PitchGround, you’re in a no-risk environment. You’re not spending a lot of time upfront. And more importantly, you’re not spending a lot of money in hopes of reaching your goals.

In addition to sharing your software with a growing audience, PitchGround also helps with promotion. Here’s how:

  • Customer support assistance
  • Paid promotion, such as with Google and Facebook Ads
  • Video marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, with more than 200 active affiliates and growing
  • Amplification of your message through social media and email marketing
  • PitchGround Facebook group management

In other words, you’re not the only one pushing your software. You can rely on the PitchGround team to do the same, which makes your methods even more effective.

PitchGround has helped many software companies to date, including Astra. Astra is a web security suite that fights hackers, malware, bots, and other security threats.

Over the course of several months, Astra was able to generate more than 1,500 customers who paid a lifetime license price of $49 plus creative stacking.

This approach generated more than $122,000 in revenue for the company. This is money they likely wouldn’t have seen without the help of PitchGround.

Final Thoughts

Marketing and advertising a software solution has never been more difficult. With tens of thousands of tools out there – and many more making their way to market every day – competition is fiercer than ever before.

You should always be looking for new ways to outdo your competition on the way to the top. There’s a good chance that PitchGround is the answer to some (and maybe all) of your problems.