'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'
A poster of Disney's upcoming film "Pirates of the Caribbean 5." Pirates of the Caribbean/ Facebook

The shocking news about hackers stealing a Disney movie now appears to be confirmed, with a report claiming that the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” movie has leaked online. Not many got the chance to download the film, as the relevant links are said to have been taken down quickly.

A hacker group calling itself TheDarkOverlord has taken possession of a digital copy of the film and have now released it online, Softpedia reports. The hackers had given an ultimatum to Disney by demanding a ransom in Bitcoins. However, the company refused to give in to the blackmail and is said to be working with the FBI to catch the culprits.

The damage appears to be marginal at the moment, as they have managed to take down the links of the pirated copy. However, if there are multiple copies online, and if they go viral, it will be difficult to stop the spread.

As of this writing, a new copy of the film has surfaced online. How quickly FBI and the other security agencies involved will be able to bring the links down remains to be seen.

The trouble for the film industry is just beginning, it seems, as the hacker group TheDarkOverlord is said to be in possession of another film. This other film, experts say, is “Cars 3,” the highly anticipated animation film. There is no confirmation from Disney about the list of movies that have been stolen. In the ongoing investigation, Netflix, which is also a victim of the same hacker group, is said to cooperating with the FBI.

“Pirates of the Caribbean 5” marks the return of Johnny Depp as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. He last played this role in 2011, so a lot is riding on the success of upcoming film. The plot of the film takes the pirate on a journey to find the legendary Trident of Poseidon.