ABC's 'Modern Family' Cast And Crew
The cast and crew of ABC's "Modern Family" pose on the red carpet of the 2014 EMMY Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters/Mike Blake

In this week's episode of "Modern Family," the series returns after a brief hiatus for the Thanksgiving holidays. In the Dunphy household, everyone was surprised when Alex announced that she has a boyfriend. Haley and Claire were not only surprised, they completely didn't believe her and thought she was making up an imaginary boyfriend.

Luke walked in one morning and announced that they have been getting white roses in the mailbox for several days. Claire and Phil immediately assumed that the roses were meant for their eldest daughter Haley. Alex was offended and told everyone that Haley isn't the only one in the family who could be getting roses from an admirer. She declared that just maybe, the roses could be for her and they could have been dropped off by her boyfriend.

When she said that she had a boyfriend, Claire and Phil immediately freaked out at the thought. They then followed her and asked for more information about the guy. Claire wanted to see a photo of him and asked about his background and how the two of them met. Alex tried to show them a photo on her phone but said that it didn't work. She then said it was no problem because they can see him in the newspaper since he was in an advertisement for groceries that was printed on the paper. Claire got even more suspicious about the guy's existence because Alex only showed a photo from the newspaper and the fact that he was a model also didn't help her cause.

When Alex left, Haley blurted out what Claire didn't want to say and told Phil that they are suspecting that she's making up an imaginary boyfriend. Phil is appalled and insisted that they should believe Alex. He then decided to invite the guy to their house for dinner so that he can prove to Claire and Haley that Alex is telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Alex' boyfriend who is called Alec, just found out that his father is moving to Africa on a medical mission. Because of this, his family will move with him and he therefore needs to break up with Alex. He came over to tell her and as he was leaving, he asked her to throw away his coffee cup. As Alex was going back inside, Claire and Phil asked her if she could invite her boyfriend to dinner and she had to tell them her bad news. She also showed them the cup and told them that he had just been there and they had spoken about the break up. When Claire saw that the name on the cup was Alec, her suspicions became deeper and Phil also started to think that Alex was just imagining her boyfriend.

The pair decided to apologise to Alex and tell her that they didn't mean to pressure her into making up an imaginary boyfriend. Alex got mad when she found out that they thought that she was making Alec up. She told them that she had only just been single a few hours and she already has a new date. The new guy is called Teddy and when he came to the house to pick her up, Phil and Claire were so relieved to find out that he was a real guy that they almost overlooked the fact that he looked creepy and that he had spent time in juvenile detention! More about Alex's love life will develop in the upcoming episodes of "Modern Family" this season airing on ABC.