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Actor Michael Emerson arrives at ABC's "Lost" Live: The Final Celebration at UCLA Royce Hall in Los Angeles, May 13, 2010. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Recently, CBS featured its winter list, which did not include “Person of Interest.” Season 5 will consist only of 13 episodes, compared to the regular 22. Although there are rumours that the upcoming season will be the last, fans are still optimistic that the network will continue the show and some have even started an online petition to proceed to Season 6.

Crossmap lists the episode titles for “Person of Interest” Season 5.

Episode 1 – “B.S.O.D.”
Episode 2 – “SNAFU”
Episode 3 – “Truth Be Told”
Episode 4 – “ShotSeeker”
Episode 7 – “6,741”
Episode 10 – “The Day the World Went Away”
Episode 11 – “Synecdoche”
Episode 12 – “exe”
Episode 13 – “Return 0”

The other episode titles have not yet been revealed, but some of the titles provided some hints on how the story may develop throughout the season. The final episode, in particular, stems from the C or C++ language. Return 0 refers to programs or computer approaches that ended well. It also describes a program that was successfully executed. The title could mean that the last episode will most likely feature a happy ending for the characters. Jonathan Nolan and Denise The reportedly wrote, while Chris Fisher directed the final episode.

The show is currently in production and is expected to return in May 2016. There has been no official word whether it will be the last season. John Resse (Jim Caviezel) will be featured attempting to move on from the death of Detective Jocelyn Carter (Taraji P. Henson). Resse will most likely have a lot of emotional issues in Season 5. There are also talks that he may be attracted to Dr. Iris Campbell (Wrenn Schmidt), his psychiatrist.

The other episode titles also feature computer terms, which means that the plot’s focus may be on The Machine in these episodes. “SNAFU” and “The Day the World Went Away” suggest chaotic circumstances, so there may be a number of widespread consequences caused by The Machine or the people running it.

“Person of Interest” Season 5 is expected to premiere in the summer of 2016 on CBS. More updates and details are expected soon.

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