Cast member Henry Cavill poses for pictures
Cast member Henry Cavill poses for pictures after his arrival to the Australian premiere of "Man of Steel" in central Sydney June 24, 2013. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz Reuters/Daniel Munoz

Paris Hilton and "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill are rumoured to be dating. According to reports, the pair is "ON" after they were spotted enjoying their time together at the pre-Golden Globes party in Los Angeles. Sources claimed the pair hit it off right away and were even seen giggling together.

A source told UK's Mirror that Paris Hilton was making a pass at Henry Cavill during the pre-Golden Globes party held on Friday, Jan. 9. An insider claimed the heiress was "fluttering her eyelashes at him like crazy and Henry was loving the attention."

The pair reportedly hit it off right away. The party insider claimed "everyone could see the chemistry between them," so much so that they left in a taxi together. "Henry and Paris had a great time together on Friday night and left the Chateau Marmont together, giggling like schoolkids," the source said.

Mail Online also shared on its website a photo showing Henry Cavill and Paris Hilton inside a vehicle with another man. According the site, the 31-year-old actor allegedly "looked a little worse for wear" as he left with the blonde beauty following the W Magazine's pre-Golden Globes bash.

However, Henry Cavill declined to comment on the dating rumour. According to Mirror, the actor was asked during the BAFTA tea party if there is anything romantic going on between him and the heiress, to which he simply replied, "I don't want to discuss that."

The Superman actor has been "casually dating multiple women" as per Perez Hilton. This is supposedly the first time he's rumoured to be dating someone famous such as Paris Hilton. Henry previously dated actress and MMA star Gina Carano. It's reportedly only been a month since their split that he's seen with Paris.

As for the blonde heiress, Paris Hilton has also dated multiple men prior to his rumoured date with Henry Cavill. As per Mirror, she last dated Ralph Lauren model Josh Upshaw after her two-year relationship with Spanish model River Viperi ended. She was previously also in a relationship with Benjie Madden, who is now married to actress Cameron Diaz.