UK based researchers have devised and patented a pain-killer patch that can be applied on the skin to provide instant pain relief to the area needed. The researchers are from University of Warwick and it is for the first time that such a patch has been developed. The Ibuprofen patch delivers drug through the skin of the applier exactly to the place where one is feeling pain.

According to Huffington Post, University of Warwick has worked closely with Coventry-based Medherant to produce and then patent the pain relief patch. Medherant specialises in trans-dermal patch-based drug products. The patch has a polymer matrix that contains large amounts of Ibuprofen drug. The drug amount itself contributes to 30% of the patch’s total weight. When applied on the skin, the transparent adhesive patch delivers the drug at a steady rate for up to 12 hours.

“Our technology now means that we can for the first time produce patches that contain effective doses of active ingredients such as ibuprofen for which no patches currently exist,” said Professor David Haddleton, Research Chemist at University of Warwick, reports Herald Sun.

He added that many patches in the market do not contain pain relief agents at all. They only soothe the body through a warming effect.

Nigel Davis, the chief executive of Medherant believes that by delivering drugs effectively, these patches can help in the betterment of the healthcare system.

“Our first products will be over-the-counter pain relief patches and through partnering we would expect to have the first of those products on the market in around two years,” he said.

The Ibuprofen patches can prove to be extremely helpful for people suffering from arthritis, back pain, neuralgia and other such problems requiring long-term treatment. The patches can also minus the Ibuprofen side effects that occur if taken orally in large dosages. However, one should consult a doctor before applying the patch to know the exact Ibuprofen dosage.

There are many benefits of the Ibuprofen patch. It is easy to use. One simply needs to paste the patch on the skin. The transparent design makes it aesthetically pleasing to the user. As the patch remains sticky, it adheres to a patient’s skin effectively. It’s comfortable and easy to remove.

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