Overwatch, Genji
Genji is an offensive character in "Overwatch" with a privileged background as the youngest son of the master of the Shimada ninja clan. YouTube/PlayOverwatch

Blizzard has been very persevering when it comes to releasing holiday-appropriate events for “Overwatch,” which have so far included the Olympics, Halloween and Christmas. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the game developer is expected to come through yet again -- and newly leaked voice lines are only adding fuel to the fire.

The lines, which were originally shared via Reddit, seem to hint at a romance between Genji and Mercy. The voice lines themselves have neither been confirmed nor denied by Blizzard, but they are apparently from the new PTR update. Nevertheless, a sweet moment is shared between the two characters.

During the first line, Genji is heard asking his brother, Hanzo, if he has any chocolates. The answer is made obvious when the audience learns that Hanzo is not a fan of chocolate. Afterwards, Mercy tells Genji that she got him some , which he then tries to split with her. Mercy then makes it clear that she got them for him specifically. In the next line, Genji returns the favour and gives Mercy her own chocolates.

It is unclear whether or not Blizzard will pursue a romance between these two characters, and what it could do to the gameplay in “Overwatch” -- if there is any effect at all. Players of the game have been looking out for any signs of romance, however, and the leaked voice lines do not help whatsoever. A holiday comic that was released last month also hinted of a budding love between Genji and Mercy, as it showcased him writing a letter and her reading one.

And while the chocolates do point towards a Valentine’s Day event, the actuality of the same is pretty unlikely. Back in December, game director Jeff Kaplan already told Battle.net forum that Blizzard had no plans for releasing either a Valentine’s Day event or an Easter event for "Overwatch."

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