"Overwatch" will soon join the world of professional eSports. Facebook/Overwatch

Some just prefer playing “Overwatch” alone and, of course, it is still a very enjoyable way of playing the game. However, it has its own struggles, such as being matchmade with a team that does not play well. At times, matchmaking is also good and one can get paired with a team that would think alike and would complement a player’s playing style. Fortunately, thanks to an upcoming update, those moments of joy can last longer.

Single Player Perks Comes To “Overwatch” Fans

Fortunately, the team has taken note of this struggle and has come up with a measure that would address this directly. Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan has reportedly teased what he calls a small social feature that would be coming to the competitive game, which would assist players in sticking with players that they are not currently friends with but would get along well.

Kaplan has revealed that they have added a small button on the screen at the end of every match wherein players could select “stay with group” or “I wanna party up now,” writes Polygon. He also says that they added this feature for those times that a player has been really successful with a certain team but is not friends with them. A player might not be friends with other people from another team but they can have good in game chemistry so this new feature allows them to keep the group together.

‘Overwatch’ Update Lets You Avoid Teams You Don’t Like

Games Radar adds that this upcoming feature is beautifully self-explanatory. If a player likes his or her group, all he or she has to do it click on “Stay with Group” that will appear on the post match screen and everybody who clicks on such will get partied up and sent off for more. Well, one could have already have sent a message even before this feature but that would be pretty awkward and automation will also do the job better.

Some players feel creeped out when sending or receiving invites from strangers to their party and this can limit the amount of fun a player can have in the game. Fortunately, Kaplan and his team have delivered this quite well and, pretty soon, every player can cooperate better with parties.