Blizzard Entertainment
A visitor plays "Heroes of the Storm", developed by video game producer Blizzard Entertainment, during the Gamescom fair in Cologne, Germany, August 6, 2015. Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

“Overwatch” fans have still not been treated with a Sombra update. The widely-anticipated character Sombra remains elusive and nowhere to be found. Fans have gotten over the buzz created by Blizzard’s ARGs and want the developer to focus only on making Sombra available. It seems fans will even be happy if Blizzard announces at least a release date for Sombra.

According to PC Gamer, “Overwatch” Sombra may arrive in early October. Blizzard hasn’t announced anything officially. So fans have to wait more to get any Sombra update from Blizzard. However, Blizzard did release an update recently for its first-person shooter game.

As per Mobile & Apps, the “Overwatch” update offers certain tweaks in the user interface and a new Competitive Tier legend has been added to the Competitive Play info screen. Eichenwalde’s payload speed may have also been increased.

Another important change in “Overwatch” is that players from now on will see less of Mercy's Resurrection ability in Plays of the Game. The patch has also fixed certain bugs plaguing the game. The problem with Hanzo’s disappearing arrow has been taken care of and the bug responsible for preventing “Junkrat's RIP-Tire from receiving credit for kills and other stats” is now fixed.

Some players were also affected by a bug that showed higher skill rating than their actual rating. This bug has also been removed. The announcement problem with the triple kill streak has also been taken care of.

Meanwhile, Endgadget reports that Blizzard has found its “Overwatch” World Cup teams. This is a move by Blizzard to compete against the likes of “DOTA 2,” “CS:GO” and “League of Legends.” Many top eSports teams are adding players to their roster. Sixteen “Overwatch” teams will battle it out to gain global supremacy.

This “Overwatch” World Cup is important for the developer to take the game to those who haven’t entered the world of competitive eSports yet.