Overwatch Symmetra
Symmetra will be getting updates in November. Blizzard

“Overwatch” Sombra is coming to Xbox One and PS4 and players who are using the game’s PTR have already found ways to find the elusive hero. Reddit has revealed the best possible way to find Sombra. Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that “Overwatch” Sombra becomes invisible for a limited time when she uses the Thermoptic Camo. This also boosts her speed a lot.

When Sombra uses her attacking abilities, her special skill may be deactivated. Fans have found out a trick to reveal Sombra early. As per reports, Tracer can combat “Overwatch” Sombra most-efficiently. Moreover, the hacker can be discovered if considerable damage is inflicted on her, writes Express.

PC users can try out “Overwatch” Sombra in the Public Test Region (PTR) and hardcore gamers have pointed out that Sombra’s highlight intro can easily hack into the gameplay. This overwrites whoever is in the top position. A footage has revealed how Sombra POTG got taken over by another Sombra.

Sombra uses information to control those in power. She can temporarily block her enemies’ abilities. In fact, she can also hack into Torbjorn's turret and health packs to disable her opponents. Due to the invisibility feature, “Overwatch” Sombra can easily bypass enemy defences though she is revealed when damage is inflicted or she chooses to attack.

Among her other powers, “Overwatch” Sombra can activate a grenade-like Translocator that can teleport her to her desired location even during a fight. Her EMP power discharges electromagnetic energy over a wide radius. The energy released destroys all shields and barriers and hacks anyone in the range.

Players need thorough knowledge of characters while playing “Overwatch” Sombra. This will help them in preventing the use of Ultimate or other crucial abilities and turn the fight in their favour. However, if this is not done right, Sombra would go back to the respawn point doing nothing, writes The Bitbag.