The attention to detail in the “Outlander” TV series may help it to bag yet another award. Gaelic consultant Àdhamh Ó Broin has been nominated to win the 2015 Scottish Gaelic Award for his role in the popular fantasy TV series.

In a recent interview with STV News, Broin spoke about how he got the job and what it was like to work for the show. In a video posted on DailyMotion, Broin revealed that he had previously come across the book series on which the TV show was based on, but he never read them. It was only when he was researching for the job as a consultant for the show that he read the first book and he said that he really enjoyed it.

Broin revealed that he used sound bites and other “creative ways” to help the cast members learn to speak in the correct accent. He pointed out that some of the cast members had never spoken a word of Gaelic before in their lives. When asked about the things he wanted to change in “Outlander” Season 1 after seeing the show, Broin said there were a few things that he wanted to change, however, he also explained that the cast members had managed to speak long sentences in a language they were not very familiar with and they also had to prepare for other things like sword fights.

It is still not clear who Broin will be up against for the 2015 Scottish Gaelic Award, but he said that he looks forward to the awards. The language expert doesn’t consider himself to be a celebrity, even though he has a bit of a fan following in the US.

The “Outlander” TV series is also in the race to win three awards at The People’s choice Awards. The TV series and the leading cast members Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) have been nominated in their respective categories.

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