A few “Outlander” fans wrote in to seek Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s advice on dating and relationships. The actors shared their opinion without hesitation and had some fun in a recent interview.

The on screen romance of Heughan’s character Jamie and Balfe’s character Claire has captured the imagination of fans across the globe. But, there are dilemmas that the couple faces on the show. In an interview with InStyle, the actors were also given some dilemmas to solve.

The first question was by a woman who is in love with two men and is torn between them. She asked Heughan and Balfe what she should do. Heughan joked that she should teleport, something that Claire does in the TV series and she is also in love with two men. Balfe suggested that the fan make a list of all the pluses and minuses of each man and then choose one.

Heughan was still hung-up on the teleporting idea. So, Balfe suggested that she can keep the two men in two separate time zones and in that way keep them both. The “Outlander” stars were not asked whether they were dating in real life, which is one question they often encounter.

Another fan has a crush on a colleague, but is not sure if he/she should tell the colleague. If the love is not reciprocated, then the fan will be forced to quit the job. Balfe suggested going out one night, have a lot of drinks and then tell the colleague. If the love is not reciprocated then the fan can always blame the liquor. Heughan was very impressed with Balfe’s ideas and complimented her for it.

The next question was about a fan’s partner spending more time at the gym than with her. Heughan pointed out that the man is doing it for her partner. Balfe, however, suggested that the fan sit down with her partner and tell him that it is not the size of his biceps but what’s inside him that is more important. Heughan was shaking his head, disapproving the idea.

The next question for the “Outlander” stars was from a fan who has fallen in love with a man five years younger to her. Both Heughan and Balfe felt that the relationship was going to work. After the interview, Heughan joked that they are always ready to share their thoughts on any advice, but suggested the fans take Balfe’s advice.