'Outlander' star Sam Heughan shares new video with a challenge

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Sam Heughan
Scottish actor Sam Heughan from the TV series "Outlander" poses during a photocall at the 55th Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 14, 2015. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

“Outlander” star Sam Heughan (Jamie) has shared a new video online. The actor’s My Peak Challenge initiative is celebrating its fourth year of lunch, and there’s a new challenge that participants can look forward to this week.

In the new video (see below), Heughan announced a surprise. Fans are conducting a challenge this whole month, starting with a small goal this week then slowly increasing the difficulty as time goes on. Participants are expected to set the challenge for themselves.

The challenge need not be something physical like swimming or running. Participants can choose among diverse goals like writing the first chapter of a novel or making a new friend. What's important is to set a measurable goal.

After setting the goal, participants are asked to announce it to the world, or at least to fellow participants in the My Peak Challenge initiative. They are then requested to tweet their personal goals this week with the hashtag #PeakStreak.

The challenge will increase each week. If the participant has walked a thousand paces each day in the first week, this will become two thousand in week two and so on. Participants can keep in touch with the community and the announcements from My Peak Challenge by joining their Facebook page.

Year 2017 was apparently a good year for My Peak Challenge. Heughan hopes fans will join him at the start of the next round of his initiative in February when the four-week challenge would have been completed.

Heughan is currently on his Christmas and New Year break. He will soon continue filming the remaining episodes of “Outlander” season 4.

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