Sam Heughan
Scottish actor Sam Heughan from the TV series "Outlander" poses during a photocall at the 55th Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco June 14, 2015. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

With the success of the “Outlander” TV series, many of the fans want to know whether cast member Sam Heughan is single and if he is dating anyone. Heughan shared an embarrassing dating story from his school days. Fellow cast member Caitriona Balfe spoke about her modelling career before the TV series and what it was like to be judged based on looks.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Heughan (Jamie) said that there have been many “failures” for him in his love life, Sam Cait Life reports. The actor said that he liked a girl when he was 17 years old and after a lot of pursuing, she finally consented to going out with him.

As there was not much to do in Scotland, Heughan invited her to meet him at Burger King, even though he was a vegetarian. On the cold rainy day, the actor spent two or three hours waiting for his date, but she never arrived. The next day in school, the angry girl told the actor that she waited for a whole hour for him at Burger King. It was only later that the actor realised that there were two Burger Kings on the same road.

The “Outlander” star was later asked about the time he lost his virginity. Heughan felt that everyone’s first time is “pretty uneventful.” The actor said that if he could go back in time, he would tell his younger self not to worry about it.

The actor was also asked to comment about the rumours that he and Balfe (Claire) were dating. Heughan said that it was not anyone’s business whether they are actually dating or not. The actor later added that some people feel “upset or angry” with the cast members, if they get an impression that they are not dating.

Meanwhile, Balfe told InStyle magazine in an interview that the success of the “Outlander” TV series helped her quite modelling, Sam Cait Life reports. “Being judged on how you look has an effect, and it’s not always a healthy thing,” the actress said. Balfe added that she doesn’t feel that way when she’s acting.