There are many distractions on the sets of “Outlander” season 4. In order to create a realistic atmosphere, the production crew gets animals, which is a requirement for the story in some cases. Caitriona Balfe (Claire) recently shared one such distraction from the set online.

While on a break from filming, Balfe caught two young goats playing in their enclosure. In the video [see below] the two young goats can be seen butting their heads as a way of playing with each other.

“And we’re supposed to work when this is going on” Balfe jokingly wrote in the post. The actress also added that spring is finally here.

Balfe appears to be loving it on the set with all these different animals. The fans already know how close she is with the horses, and more recently she was seen playing with one of the dogs that has been cast to play Rollo in season 4.

Both Balfe and her fellow cast member Sam Heughan (Jamie) got a break from filming recently, as they had to attend the BAFTA awards ceremony.

“Well la di da ... they let us out of the woods, scrubbed us up clean and sent us off to a fancy party!!!” Balfe joked in another post online [see below]. Heughan skipped his bowtie at the event, but Balfe said that he looks so “cool” that he doesn’t need one. The actress thanked BAFTA for having her and her fellow cast member, and she also thanked Audi UK for providing the rides to the event.

After enjoying the much deserved break, the two actors will soon be back on the set to complete the remaining scenes for “Outlander” season 4. The production is nearly complete, and the cast and crew are on schedule to wrap filming very soon.

Credit: Caitriona Balfe/ Instagram