Rollo pups
A picture of two pups that have been cast to play Rollo in "Outlander" season 4. Outlander/ Facebook

Co-executive producer Matthew B. Roberts has teased an interesting new line from “Outlander” season 4. The fans are intrigued by the dialogue because it is not easy to recall if it is from the book “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon, on which the plot of the next season is based.

The “heard on the set” routine is something that is mostly done by Co-executive Producer Maril Davis, but Roberts takes on the role from time to time. It involves teasing a line from the script or what someone says on the set in between shoots. It is done to keep the fans engaged while they wait for the next season of the show to air.

“Hey, smell my face,” is the latest dialogue that Roberts teased from the script [see below]. The strange dialogue is not something that the characters on the show would say, so some fans believe that it may have something to do with Rollo, a dog that will be introduced as a new character on the show this year.

In a separate tweet, Roberts said that this is not a “Rollo thing” [see below]. The comment was in response to a fan suggesting that the dialogue that the producer previously teased is a “Rollo thing.” Roberts didn’t elaborate on the dialogue, but promised to share some insights about why this is not a “Rollo thing” when he will speak about it in the podcast for the episode in which this scene is featured.

Meanwhile, the fans are busy reading up “Drums of Autumn” to try and locate the dialogue. Some of the fans point out that not every dialogue on the show is borrowed from the books, and the writers may add some new things as per the demands of the adaptation for TV. Who exactly says this on the show remains to be seen.