The “Outlander” season 3 premiere episode was recently shown at The Grove in Los Angeles. Cast members Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) attended the event along with co-executive producers Maril Davis and Toni Graphia. Meanwhile, another trailer has been released online showing how the Sassenach had to fight for women’s rights at every turn in her life.

Heughan and Balfe interacted with fans on the red carpet at The Grove. The actors took a few videos of their interactions, and shared all the “craziness” at the event. Apart from the screening of the first episode, there were a lot of fun activities for fans to take part in.

The actors and the producers thanked the fans who made it, then shared videos for those who couldn’t make the trip that day. Many have now seen the premiere episode, but there’s still a vast section of the fan base yet to see it.

A new trailer of next season has been released online (see below). The main focus is the fight for women’s rights that Claire takes up at different times in her life.

Starting with her admission into medical school, where she’s the only woman training to be a surgeon, Claire will have to face multiple challenges. Balfe pointed out that even though her character has gone through very depressing moments in her life, she doesn’t sit around the house all day. Instead. she channels her emotions to do something constructive with her life. This, the actress said, shows the strength of her character.

After her daughter grows up a little, Claire decides to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. President Truman’s decision to appoint the first woman Treasurer was the trigger for the Sassenach.

Becoming a surgeon is an important step as Claire experiences misogyny all around her. This will continue right up to the 1960s. The strong-willed Sassenach refuses to give up and continues to fight.

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter

Credit: Outlander Writers/ Twitter

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter