A picture of Sam Heughan as Jamie and Caitriona Balfe as Claire from the first season of Starz TV series "Outlander." Facebook/ Outlander

There has been a lot of concern about not getting enough romance between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in “Outlander” season 3. After the reunion, there have been plenty of opportunities for the Frasers to fall in love with each other all over again. However, there was one romantic scene cut from episode 11, which has now been released online. The following article contains spoilers.

A new video released online (see below) shows the filming of the romantic scene between Jamie and Claire onboard the ship to Jamaica. The two characters share a kiss before spotting the islands called the Jewel of the Caribbean.

César Domboy (Fergus) and Lauren Lyle (Marsali) were also part of this scene, but they remained in the background with no dialogue. The newly wedded couple didn’t get enough sleep the night before they reached Jamaica. Jamie remarks that the couple can now do as they please.

Even though the romantic scene was deleted from episode 11, the new video more than makes up for the loss with Heughan and Balfe giving fans a personal tour of the ship set. The video was filmed at 360 degrees, so viewers can scroll around to see everything on the ship.

The ship was on land, placed on a gimbal to give the rocking effect of the sea. There were green screens around the set used to add the ocean view during post-production. Heughan and Balfe also joked about acting a rocking motion in their actions to make the scenes seem more authentic.

With Jamie and Claire in Jamaica, there are more opportunities for romance, but first, Claire has the dual responsibilities of finding Young Ian (John Bell) then rescuing her husband. There’s another happy reunion on the cards for the two lovebirds.

Credit: Starz/ YouTube

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter