Perhaps the scene in “Outlander” season 3 fans are looking forward to the most is the reunion between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). While those who've read the books by Diana Gabaldon know what’s coming, the others get a teaser about the tone from Balfe.

A reunion between two major characters is a romantic thing. But in an interview with Elle, Balfe said that the Starz show will be realistic. And that means it will be “sweet,” “funny,” “endearing” and also “awkward.” The actress warned not to expect violins in the background, angels singing, and “a sun shaft coming through the window.”

Twenty years is a long time for two lovers to be separated. Jamie and Claire have each lived their separate lives and have both been through a lot. The only experience they share is the pain they felt while pining about their lost love.

"I think Claire and Jamie have both had each other on pedestals for 20 years," Balfe said. "So when you finally see the object of your love and desire again in the flesh, it throws out everything you thought you would do."

Claire will have to do a ton of research to find out what exactly happened to Jamie after the Battle of Culloden and find out where he’s living at the time she goes through the magical stones again. So when she finally meets the love of her life, she has had a lot of time to mentally prepare for the encounter, while it may come as a surprise or shock for the Scotsman.

The one good thing about filming difficult scenes for Balfe is that she has great chemistry with co-star Heughan. The actress said she is fortunate to have a partner like him to work with. "He's a god, let's be honest. He's as good in real life as he is on TV," she said.


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