Co-executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts has some advice for the fans who are concerned about the Print Shop scene in “Outlander” Season 3. He said the fans should take pleasure in the similarities, rather than be upset about the differences.

It all started when a fan said she had heard the Print Shop scene will be different in the TV series from the book. Roberts got curious about where she had heard such a thing. Another fan pointed to reports about Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore supposedly having said something to that effect.

Roberts said that there are two ways to look at it. One way is to look for similarities between the scene in the TV series and the book and take pleasure in it and the other way is to look for the differences and get upset over it. Commenting on this, a fan suggested that a third way would be to derive pleasure in the differences too.

The Print Shop scene is the most highly anticipated scene in “Outlander” Season 3. The passionate fans have repeatedly expressed their hope that the writers and the producers don’t make any changes to this scene.

However, readers should note that while adapting a book to a TV series there are bound to be slight variations, no matter how hard the production team tries to create the scenes as is from the books. And, even after all the efforts, the cast and crew may not be able to recreate the different versions in the minds of thousands of fans across the globe.

Roberts also pointed out that the fans, which includes him, can pick up any of Diana Gabaldon’s books any time and read their favourite scenes over and over again. The words will live on forever, and “Outlander” Season 3 isn’t going to change that.