The Droughtlander this year is the longest one the fans have to endure so far, but Co-executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts has a comment on that. Meanwhile, some of the book fans were wondering why such young pups have been cast to play the role of Rollo, so author Diana Gabaldon has explained the reason behind the decision.

The team behind the popular show have been doing their best to keep the fans engaged and entertained, to help them through this Droughtlander. Roberts especially, has been putting his photography skills to good use by teasing fans pictures from the production set. However, with every tease the fans want more.

In a comment posted on Twitter, Roberts said that he can’t reveal too much in his posts. He explained that revealing too much would spoil all the “braw moments” on the show, and then the fans would hate him for it. He added that anticipation is “fleeting,” and the fans should “revel in it.”

Commenting on the post, many of the fans pointed out how difficult Droughtlander is getting with each passing day. Others, however, said that they are willing to wait longer, and would rather see a high quality production rather than a quickly made show that is poorly made.

The producer also shared a new picture on his Instagram page. This picture [see below] was taken in South Africa, while the producer was on his way to work.

While filming for the third season continues in Cape Town, the casting process for season 4 has already begun. The first announcement was about two pups that will be playing the role of Young Ian’s (John Bell) dog Rollo. However, in the books the dog was a little grown up, so the choice of the pups confused some of the fans.

Gabaldon cleared up the confusion, and explained that the pups were chosen because it will give them time to train them properly. The pups will also be of the right size next year, when filming for the fourth season actually begins. The dogs will also get used to working with Bell, who will be working with them during the training.

“Outlander” season 3 is set to air in September. To get through Droughtlander, fans can also meet Gabaldon this month, as she will be at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburg on the 18th. The celebrity author attended the Frye Festival recently, and is currently in Halifax.

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