Cesar Domboy
A picture of Cesar Domboy, who joins the cast of "Outlander" season 3 as adult Fergus. Outlander/ Twitter

“Outlander” season 3 will be the last time fans will get to see Young Fergus (Romann Berrux). As there is a time jump of a few decades in the story this year, the role will be taken over by César Domboy. The actor spoke about his approach to the character in a recent interview.

Entering a role that has already been played by another actor can be challenging. In an interview with ETOnline, Domboy spoke about what it is like to enter a new world, and how he researched the role and came up with his version of Fergus.

Domboy said that being a part of the show is “weird in the best way.” Although this is the first time the actor is stepping into a role played by another, he described the experience as “great.” He complimented Berrux for his portrayal of the character. Domboy said he was “really happy” he has been tasked with being as good as Berrux has been.

While Domboy had to interpret the character his own way, he still had to ensure continuity. He did this by incorporating some of the mannerisms of Young Fergus. The one thing he tried to use was the way Young Fergus has his hands wander around, like a pickpocket would.

Domboy also added a few other elements to the character. A lot would have happened in 15 years, he pointed out. Although the young lad grew up in a brothel in his early years, he hasn’t had much luck with the ladies growing up, Domboy explained. The actor said that love in this time period was “very particular,” and his character hasn’t met a lot of women in his life.

Credit: Outlander/ Twitter